About Me

Now that you know all about Laten Doen, it is time to become more familiar with its creator, Jeroen Visser. He was born in Breda, The Netherlands, to parents Kimi and Heidi Visser. He had one brother and two sisters in his family. The elder Vissers were hard workers and instilled a very strong work ethic in all four of their children. The Visser siblings were expected to get good grades in school. When each became old enough, it was understood that they must get jobs. Jeroen Visser did always study hard in school. He became fluent in several languages, other than his native Dutch language. He is masterful at speaking English, Spanish, French, and German. This would prove to be of major importance later on when he wanted to publicize Laten Doen, in that he was able to communicate its advantages to people in America, Europe, and elsewhere.

Mr. Visser also delved completely into the computer world as technology began to advance all over the Earth. Not only was he interested in the software aspects of computers, but the hardware aspects as well. He wanted to know what made them tick, so he took related classes in school and became very skilled at taking them apart and putting them back together. Of course he did the same when it came to learning all of the various software packages too. However, learning other people’s inventions for computers was not enough, Jeroen wanted to make his own mark in the industry. For many years he was a passionate observer of computers and later on, of the Internet too.

Back-tracking a little into Jeroen Visser’s school days, he was an honor student for much of his later years in school. Amongst his best classes were mathematics, literature, and dabbling somewhat into psychology and history. Of course, there were the various language courses as well. Each of his key areas of study would later play a role in his masterful creation of Laten Doen. This was especially true when he attended college in Amsterdam. Jeroen was able to take bits and pieces of lessons from each class and apply them to his invention and the marketing of the invention. Kimi and Heidi Visser always encouraged him and were very proud of all of their children.

As we mentioned briefly, Jeroen attended college in Amsterdam. He fell in love with the bigger city life there and later made it his home. He still resides there today. Jeroen Visser is still a relatively young man, only now in his mid-30s. Not only does he have plenty of time to further his dreams of Laten Doen, but it remains to be seen what else this virtual genius will come up with. He plans to travel around the world giving talks on Laten Doen, its uses, and brief lessons on how to make it work for all individuals who wish to utilize it. Mr. Visser’s ultimate goal is to make Laten Doen a household name in every corner of the globe.

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