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Jeroen Visser’s List of the Top Five Websites

Being that Jeroen Visser has made it his life’s work to study websites, he thinks it is only natural that he offers his idea of what the top five sites are today. Below, in no particular order, he lists what each one is and why he feels it is in the top. Keep reading, you will not want to miss this.

YouTube is Fantastic!

Nowhere else is there a website where you can learn so much. Whether you want a lesson on a particular subject, to study historical news clips, or simply be entertained, you will find related videos on YouTube. Instead of letting your children watch junky television shows, find out how to get YouTube on your big screen HD television and let them watch that. They will get to see other countries, other cultures, or learn about their own hometown and heritage when they view the educational offerings on YouTube. Check it out today!

Discover Social Media Website, LinkedIn

Although some of the other social media websites may currently be more well-known, Jeroen Visser feels LinkedIn is superior. Not only can you communicate with other people in general, but it is a major hub for meeting business connections. LinkedIn is un-equalled when it comes to connecting with other business-minded individuals. It has been known to help scores of people find great jobs. Do you have a message you want to tell the world? Then join one of many LinkedIn groups in related fields. You can blast email your message without getting spammy and include photos for emphasis. If you have not explored LinkedIn, make sure you do. Jeroen Visser highly recommends it.

The Wonders of

For the multi-billions of busy people around the world who simply do not have time to go out and shop, is exactly what is needed. Mr. Visser considers this a top five website because a shopper can find anything they are looking for. No matter what kind of item you want, how big a quantity you want, or how fast you want it delivered, has you covered. If you are not Internet-savvy, it is okay, is extremely easy to use and to navigate. It is available in different languages to accommodate customers from around the Earth. They even have a frequently-asked-question section for easy reference. Jeroen Visser says that is a shopper’s paradise. Explore this website right now!

The Research King of Websites – Google

If is the king of shopping websites, then its equal in the research and knowledge arena has to be Google. If you need to do research for a report, either on the job or for school, then Google is the website you want. This site can make even the novice student of any subject seem like a first-class expert. You can find multiple sources of useful information on anything; whether it is a subject, or an item, or a place, etc.. Jeroen Visser feels that Google is a website champion when it comes to information.


If there is one area that Jeroen Visser completely knows, it is creative projects. Remember, he created Laten Doen. So his recommendation for other people who have ideas is the website, This is a mega-website for the funding of projects in the creativity realm. This is where ideas for the arts, the gaming world, designing projects, or what-have-you, are born. In a world where new ideas are being conceived every day, is a must-go-to website. Investigate this site today, Mr. Visser says so!

Now that you see how important a site like Laten Doen is, we are certain you will want to make it your go-to site for surfing the Internet. It can help all people who need to know what websites are best. And Jeroen Visser is just beginning! He intends to make Laten Doen a mega-giant in the website directory arena. When it comes to being qualified to judge other websites, nobody can match Mr. Visser. What are you waiting for? Check out Laten Doen for yourself immediately!

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