Why Laten Doen?

Okay, so we have delved into the benefits of using Laten Doen. However, we really have not yet discussed why Jeroen Visser created it in the first place. Now we shall tackle that question. As we said, the Internet can be overwhelming to even the most skilled user. Its size is of mammoth proportions. Being an Internet junkie all of his life, Mr. Visser discovered that fact for himself. Throughout his life, he wondered why there was not a directory like this already. He kept waiting and waiting and nobody else came up with one. Would they ever? Years later, while fueling his passion, Jeroen Visser decided to take the bull by the horns and create such a thing himself. After much planning, and some trial and error, he had his invention. Thus, Laten Doen was born. Basically, he saw how badly a website directory was needed, so he invented one.

It is important to note that money is not a factor with Laten Doen. Unlike other sites that may be similar, nobody has to pay to be included. Therefore, users are getting a true representation of the best websites on the Internet. That is in direct opposition to where the websites brought to the user are only on the directory because they paid the most money. This is a real, honest-to-goodness directory of THE BEST websites on the Internet.

Now that Laten Doen is created, Mr. Visser works equally hard to maintain it. His work is by no means ever finished. It takes much time and patience to keep up the excellent quality of this directory. He continues to study hard to ensure he understands what being a top website is all about. This means the user is never left to guess about a particular website he includes. Starting and maintaining a website directory like Laten Doen is a gamble of sorts. Not only did Jeroen Visser fuel the fires of the Internet world, but beginning such a feat is a gamble. Initially he did not know if things would work out, but his gamble paid off in spades. Laten Doen is now a mega-hit in the world wide web and users are the beneficiary. Way to go Mr. Visser! You are a hero of the Internet world and your invention is utilized by billions of people.

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